Piaro the Legendary Farmer, teacher and supportive family member of the Overgeared King Grid.


Piaro was once the strongest knight of the Saharan Empire. He was originally the knight captain of the Red Knights, but he was framed as a traitor and hid in Kesan Canyon.


  • Grid had met Piaro deep inside Kesan Canyon and had mistaken him for a beggar who would beg for money.[23]
  • Piaro mistaken Grid initially, after leaving the Canyon, wanted to help Piaro himself find inner peace through himself teaching others and farming.






He has a crazy battle lust to fight the strong no matter the location.


Chapter 37

Piaro was hiding in Kesan Canyon when Euphemina received a quest from Asmophel to defeat him. During the encounter, Euphemina used dozens of top-level skills shattering the cave Piaro was in. However, he crawled out from the remnants of the cave relatively unscathed.

Piaro was about to use his ultimate skill, Fated to Perish when Euphemina used a skill causing him to fall into a hallucination. However, she was unable to finish him off having reached her physical and mental limits after using an excessive amount of force during a short period of time.

Shortly afterward, Piaro woke up from his hallucination, but Euphemina was gone.

Chapter 75

Piaro was observing Grid fighting a Canyon Spider, judging he had poor skills but had a rapid growth rate, having potential beyond imagination. Piaro needed someone to get rid of Asmophel, and he was convinced that Grid was the person he wanted.

Chapter 80

After Grid learned Pagma's Swordsmanship in Loran Falls, Piaro approached him who he mistook as a beggar. Grid had tried to ignore him but when Piaro killed a group of mermen easily, he realized that Piaro was no ordinary beggar. Piaro then asked for his help and a quest popped up. But Grid refused him knowing that the distance was far and the enemy was strong. Piaro tried to force him but then stopped and told Grid, that if he was willing to help later, come back and see him.

Chapter 208-209

Before going to Reidan, Grid went to Kesan Canyon to see Piaro to make him his knight. He called out to Piaro in Loran Falls but Piaro did not recognize him. Grid cut to the chase and asked Piaro to be his knight. Grid introduced himself as Pagma's Descendant and Duke of Eternal Kingdom. Piaro couldn't believe him and fought him to check if he was qualified. In the end, Piaro admitted defeat even though Grid was holding back to avoid killing him. But he still refused to become Grid's knight because he promised to never swear allegiance to anyone again. After realizing that Grid was the person he met a year and a half ago, Grid proposed to get revenge for him and suggested staying in Reidan as a guest and train there to become a Sword Saint. Piaro had no choice but to accept Grid’s proposal.

Chapter 210-211

Chapter 214-__

Chapter 1213-1214

Chapter 1215 - Honeymoon

Chapter 1283 - Pregnant

Chapter 1316

On Cokro Island, Piaro, who carefully planted the golden walnut seedlings obtained from the Xing Kingdom, noticed Grid’s presence and approached. Piaro was sweaty from working and he shone brighter than anyone else. There were no worries on his face and he was full of smiles.Grid brushed the dirt off Piaro’s clothes.

Piaro didn’t bring a single farmer with him on this mission. He was clearing the field and planting the seedlings all by himself. It was all in order to create a perfect forest. The golden walnut trees were more sensitive than any other plant. Piaro decided that in order to plant and care for the golden walnut trees well, he needed to do everything by himself. He would have to struggle alone in such a remote place for several months. Wouldn’t it be too lonely and difficult? It happened as Grid was worrying about this...

From a distance, someone appeared and waved. Taking a closer look, it was Beniyaru.

Piaro was with his wife. It was Grid who smiled with peace of mind.

Chapter 1347-1359

Overgeared God Church



  • Meeting: Chapter
  • Duel Challenges:
    • Chapter :
  • Bonding
    • Level 1 (Chapter 1085, 1132) 1%->3%
    • Level 2 (Chapter 1215)
      • All stats will increase by 5% when you are together.
      • Can detect if the health of the bond target is at a dangerous level.
      • All sound transmissions (including whispers) are possible within a range of 10 kilometers.

Lord Steim

  • Meeting: Chapter
  • Teaching: Chapter


  • Lovers agreement (Chapter 1121)
  • Wife (by Chapter 1214)
    • Pregnant (Chapter 1283)
    • Cork Island (Chapter 1316)

Status Windows

Chapter 209

Name: Piaro

Age: 39     Gender: Male

Class: Swordsman/ Hermit

Title: Great Swordsman

* The closest person to becoming a sword saint in this age.

* When a blade type weapon is equipped, attack power will increase by 40% and attack speed by 10%. This effect is applied separately from the Sword Mastery skill effect.

Level: 367

Strength: 2,038     Stamina: 1,380

Agility: 1,910     Intelligence: 530

Leadership: 812     Indomitable: 824

Skills: Trap Installation (C+), Empire’s Swordsmanship (B), Overwhelming (A), Empire’s Military Tactics (A+), Great Swordsman’s Enlightenment (S+), Supreme Swordsmanship (SS), Fated to Perish (??).

A descendant of a prestigious bloodline in the Saharan Empire, he was born with a natural talent for swordsmanship and military tactics. He joined the knights at a young age and became a captain in only 12 years.

In the following 5 years, he succeeded in winning a lot of achievements. However, 2 years ago, he witnessed the liaison between Asmophel and Empress Marie.

He was wrongfully branded as an imperial traitor and forced to flee.

* Currently, this person is suffering from a severe sickness of the heart. He has lost his original nature and all stats are reduced by 20% from those shown in the status window.

Chapter 264

[You have accepted Piaro as a subordinate. The effect of Reidan's barracks will increase by 30%. The probability of a good harvest will increase by 100%.]



Piaro can lead a total of 50 knights.

Piaro’s knights will have their physical attack power increased by 10%, attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 5%.

The effect is permanent as long as the person belongs to the knights division.

Knights Division’s Passive Skills: Increased Health Regeneration (High), Decreased Stamina Consumption (Medium).


  • Free Farming 7th & 8th Style seem to be both Polishing.


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